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Choosing a business structure

If you are looking to launch a new business in Kentucky, one of the first things you should consider is the type of business structure you need to establish. At Gatlin Voelker PLLC, we have assisted numerous clients in pursuing their dreams of becoming business owners while helping them navigate the inevitable challenges and hardships that arise along the way.

Should I create a C corporation?

If you are starting a business in Kentucky, you are likely weighing the options for the various types of corporations you can create. While there are plenty of choices, the most popular one across the country is a C corporation, according to This is due to many factors that may make it a beneficial option for many companies.

What is an LLC?

Are you one of the many Kentucky entrepreneurs looking to kick off the new 2017 year with a new business venture? If so, one of the decisions you will need to make about your new company is what type of organizational and operational structure to use. From a sole proprietorship to a C corporation, there are multiple options from which to choose. No selection may necessarily be wrong but one may well be better suited to your company and your needs than the others.

Protecting your business trade secrets

A trade secret is information that gives a company some type of an edge in business. In order to be considered a trade secret, as explained by the World Intellectual Property Organization, this information must be kept protected. Steps must be taken to safeguard the information to ensure it does not fall into the hands of anyone outside the company who is not authorized to have access to it. A company does not have to register or fill out any paperwork to get protection for a trade secret. It is automatically granted as long as the information is kept confidential.

The pros and cons of an S corporation

Running a business in Kentucky means lots of decisions, from the design elements of a website to the exact marketing slogan and plan. Some of the most important decisions are the financial aspects of the business plan, and that includes whether or not to form an S corporation. There are several advantages and disadvantages to this type of classification.

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