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November 2016 Archives

Why Should I Call a Lawyer

Many people who get hurt at work are sent to a business health type center, who many times has an existing arrangement with either the worker's employer or their workers compensation carrier.  The business health centers are many times more interested in their contract with your employer or its workers compensation carrier versus your diagnosis and care.  Getting a proper diagnosis and care is essential in insuring your rights are protected under Workers Compensation Act.  An attorney will be in contact with the workers compensation carrier and advise of your rights and fight for the care and treatment, your doctor prescribed versus the provided by your employer or its insurance carrier.

Means Test Determination

An initial analysis to any bankruptcy is whether you legally must file a Chapter 13 versus a Chapter 7 due to your income.  Income determination guidelines are set by the government for each county in the country, with a median income based on size of family.  Income is your gross income, using a most recent six month average.  Income such as social security, social security disability and other similar type forms of income is not counted.  A non-filing spouse's income is counted for purposes of a married individual filing.

Lowering your chance of slipping at work

While Kentucky employers try to ensure that their workers have a safe space to do their jobs, accidents can still happen. Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common, as they can be caused by a large number of different reasons. Not all of these accidents can be predicted, but preventative measures can be taken to lower the chances of them happening.

What do I need to know about carpal tunnel syndrome?

If you are a Fort Mitchell worker who spends most of your time in an office environment, you may think you’re immune from serious workplace injuries. However, carpal tunnel syndrome is a very real concern for office workers just like you, as it can be increasingly debilitating over time.

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