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March 2017 Archives

Civil divorce: The benefits of mediation

While some people spend months or years battling out the terms of a divorce through courtroom litigation, others may be able to civilly negotiate a settlement using mediation. This non-confrontational form of divorce allows couples in Kentucky and across the United States to customize the items included in the settlement, rather than have a court-appointed judge determine who is entitled to what in the final decree. At Gatlin Voelker PLLC, we know that the benefits of mediation can help many couples through the divorce process.

What do Kentucky laws say about property division in divorce?

If you consider getting a divorce, concerns about the process and how it will affect you in the future go along with that decision. Like most people, not knowing what your financial future will look like when the process ends could cause you a great deal of fear and anxiety.

Random police warrant search leads to two arrests

Defendants facing drug charges in Kentucky must take the charges seriously. The penalties for such crimes can be very stiff. In fact, they carry the harshest penalties for non-violent crimes in the state. In addition, a drug crime charge on a person's record could have lifelong negative effects. A proper defense should always look at the actions of law enforcement and whether a person's rights were violated during the arrest and evidence collection.

Eyewitness identification and wrongful incrimination

Not everyone who is currently sitting behind bars in Kentucky is guilty of committing a crime. A surprising number of people in jail are victims of wrongful conviction, caused by bad lawyering, improper forensic testing, government misconduct, false confessions or bad informants. The number one cause of erroneous incarceration, however, stems from eyewitness misidentification. According to the Innocence Project, 346 people have been released from prison after further investigations found them innocent. Of these cases, 70 percent involved eyewitness misidentification.

Choosing a business structure

If you are looking to launch a new business in Kentucky, one of the first things you should consider is the type of business structure you need to establish. At Gatlin Voelker PLLC, we have assisted numerous clients in pursuing their dreams of becoming business owners while helping them navigate the inevitable challenges and hardships that arise along the way.

Custodial vs. non-custodial parents

From alimony to the distribution of property a couple obtained over the course of their marriage, family law issues often result in a number of challenges for couples. However, those related to children, such as child support and custody, are often particularly stressful for people in Fort Mitchell, and across the whole state of Kentucky. For parents, it is crucial to understand key terms, such as the differences between custodial parents and non-custodial parents.

Understanding prescription refill limitations

Here at Gatlin Voelker, PLLC, we have helped many in Fort Mitchell deal with charges stemming from alleged prescription drug abuse. If you are like many of them, then any misconduct you are accused of may be due to trying to refill a prescription. The conditions that may require you to take medication may end up lasting longer than your initial dosage of medication, prompting you to seek more. Often, arguing against a charge of drug abuse may simply be a matter of your not knowing when you are required to get a new prescription from your doctor.

Should I create a C corporation?

If you are starting a business in Kentucky, you are likely weighing the options for the various types of corporations you can create. While there are plenty of choices, the most popular one across the country is a C corporation, according to This is due to many factors that may make it a beneficial option for many companies.

What is an LLC?

Are you one of the many Kentucky entrepreneurs looking to kick off the new 2017 year with a new business venture? If so, one of the decisions you will need to make about your new company is what type of organizational and operational structure to use. From a sole proprietorship to a C corporation, there are multiple options from which to choose. No selection may necessarily be wrong but one may well be better suited to your company and your needs than the others.

What should I know about child support in Kentucky?

Along with the many other traumatic aspects of divorce, you may also be concerned about the procedure for handling child support in Kentucky. To this end, it’s essential that both parents are fully informed about the process, despite whether you are considered the custodial or non-custodial parent. Like in many other areas of divorce, having the right information will often facilitate a much smoother process.  

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