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June 2017 Archives

Property division and bank accounts

During a Kentucky divorce, one of the main points of contention is finances. If the courts must step in to allocate assets, bank accounts will be taken into consideration. The court, according to Zacks, will look at when the account originated and the details of the account to determine if it will become marital property to be split between both people.

Field sobriety tests don't always have a leg to stand on

Maybe you had a glass or two of wine or a couple of beers before heading home. The next thing you know, a patrol car appears behind you with lights and sirens. You pull over, and after a few minutes, the officer asks you to exit the vehicle because he or she suspects you of driving under the influence.

Understanding the Children’s Bill of Rights

During a divorce in Kentucky, children often end up forgotten or overlooked because parents are too focused on their own needs and situations. While many parents try to keep their kids’ well-being in mind, it is very easy to slip into bad habits that can have detrimental effects on a child. In an effort to help children whose parents are divorcing, there has been a move to create and implement a Children’s Bill of Rights.

What are the rights lost upon a felony conviction?

If you have been accused of a felony in Kentucky, you will lose some of your civil rights and abilities if you are convicted. It is important to understand what rights you will lose because in some cases, you could end up in more trouble if you do not recognize a lost right.

How to avoid mistakes in a high asset divorce

Kentucky couples with high assets have plenty to gain, and plenty to lose. Because of the high stakes feeling of getting divorced with a lot of finances, property, or assets on the line, there are certain mistakes that should always be in the peripheral of a divorcing couple's eye so that they may be avoided.

What are the qualifications to adopt in Kentucky?

Adopting a child is a worthy pursuit. Providing a home to a child who does not have one is something to be proud of and well worth pursuing. However, in Kentucky, there are specific requirements that must be met to ensure you are a suitable parent and eligible to adopt. These rules are put in place to guarantee children go to homes where they will be protected and cared for. Many of them have already been through a lot in their short lives so the state wants to guarantee when they are adopted, it will be a good situation.

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