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August 2017 Archives

How to explain divorce to young children

A divorce is a devastating situation for everyone in the family. While the adults may be prepared for the situation, children usually are not. This is especially true for younger children who may not understand what is happening and why their family is changing. It is up to Kentucky parents to ensure they talk with their children and help them through the divorce.

Understanding burden of proof

Those who have been charged with crimes in Fort Mitchell could be in for a harrowing experience if and when their cases go to trial. Their fears may be founded in the presumption that if one is arrested and charged with a crime, he or she most likely did what authorities are accusing him or her of. Most people have likely heard the term "innocent until proven guilty," yet few may understand what it truly means in a legal context. Its application is related to the concept of burden of proof

What can be done to improve eyewitness identification?

Eyewitness have long been relied upon to identify perpetrators. However, they have also been under scrutiny for being unreliable. In Kentucky, you may find yourself accused of a crime simply because someone else said they saw you do it. If you even look similar to the actual person who committed the crime, you could be in trouble. However, there have been studies recently to suggest there are things that can be done by law enforcement to minimize the risk of erroneous eyewitness identification.

Can polygraph test results be used in your favor?

Most readers would agree that family life, in general, can get very messy at times. In fact, the face of family life in America has vastly changed through recent decades. It's no longer a given that households contain married mothers and fathers, with a mother staying home to raise children and a father going out to work every day. You might live in a single-parent home or one you share with your child's other parent while unmarried.

Making the most of your divorce mediation?

If you and your spouse have decided that divorce is the best option to solve relationship conflict, you may have already considered mediation. With an objective point-of-view intervening in important decisions and offering a neutral perspective, you and your spouse may experience less conflict and a more effective outcome when important choices need to be made. At Gatlin Voelker, PLLC, we have helped many Kentucky couples work through the intricacies of divorce.

What is drug court?

In Kentucky, if you are charged with a drug-related crime, you may have the option to attend Drug Court. At Gatlin Voelker PLLC, we often work with people who are going through Drug Court. Not everyone will get this option, but if you do, it is something to take seriously because of the many benefits it can offer you.

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