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Finding a baseline child support calculation in Kentucky

Whether you were married or unmarried, you and your partner may have reached a point where you knew that your relationship had reached an end. Now that you are making arrangements to go your separate ways, you turn your attention to providing for the children you share. You may have already worked out a child custody agreement with the other parent and have a written parenting plan with which both of you are satisfied.

Now, you need to figure out how much you will either pay or receive in child support depending on whether you are the custodial or non-custodial parent. This is often where parents end up arguing. If you arm yourself with enough knowledge about what you could be facing in terms of amount, it may help diffuse some of the tension that often accompanies this topic.

You have to start somewhere

Many people will use the child support calculator provided by the state of Kentucky on its website. Even though it is a useful tool, it merely gives you a baseline from which to start. The basic calculation requires the following information:

  • Your gross income
  • The other parent's gross income
  • The number of children you share
  • Expenses related to the children paid by each parent
  • Health insurance premiums paid by each parent

You will also need to include the amount of any child support payments that either parent makes for children from another relationship. If you don't have exact numbers for any of these items, your baseline will not be as accurate, but you may still have some idea of what you face.

That was just the beginning

Now that you have some basic idea of what the child support amount will be, you may need to consider other information before reaching a final amount. For example, if you have a child with special needs, the amount of support will more than likely require adjustments to accommodate those needs. You may also have other considerations unique to your family that you want to take into account.

As for the court, its goal is to ensure that the children receive the same amount of financial support that would have been available if you and the other parent had remained together. As parents, you likely want to make sure that you adequately provide for your children's financial needs.

To reach an agreement for a final number, you may need to have a better grasp of all of the factors that may play a role in the amount of child support that will be ordered. Fortunately, you do not have to figure this out alone.

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