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October 2017 Archives

Determining alimony requirements during divorce

Divorcing couples in Kentucky face varying circumstances and common complexities including child custody, asset separation and alimony agreements. Often, especially in marriages where one spouse has been the designated homemaker, alimony will be awarded to provide financial assistance and security. Sometimes, the arrangement may be temporary until the non-working spouse is able to find employment. In other circumstances, it could be a long-term requirement.

Co-parenting effectively

After a divorce, the changes and adjustments are far from over, especially if a Kentucky couple has children. Learning how to co-parent from two separate households is a major change that affects everyone. It is up to the adults in the situation to figure out how to make this new arrangement work. Here are some tips to help parents who are struggling with co-parenting effectively.

What is a plea bargain?

If you have been charged with a crime, you will often be told the prosecutor wants to offer a plea bargain. They are commonly used in criminal cases. According to the American Bar Association, plea bargains are used for a variety of reasons with the main intention of avoiding a trial. In addition, they may not always be offered by the prosecution, your defense attorney may also put forward a plea bargain.

Should recent research impact your custody decisions?

As you face your divorce proceedings, you may wonder how you will come out of the process successfully. Because success in relation to divorce can seem like an oxymoron, you could feel that any decisions made only indicate future hardships. However, when you have children and face custody proceedings, you may want to take a more positive approach.

Divorced couple disagrees over use of frozen embryos

The legal application of the law often changes according to the time in which it is applied. Shifts in legislation, public opinion, societal norms and even technology may call legal issues (even those concerning family matters) into question. This often leaves court officials in local courts relying on the interpretation of legislators to establish legal precedents. In the absence of such statutes or interpretations, courts are forced to set such precedents on their own. 

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