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Should recent research impact your custody decisions?

As you face your divorce proceedings, you may wonder how you will come out of the process successfully. Because success in relation to divorce can seem like an oxymoron, you could feel that any decisions made only indicate future hardships. However, when you have children and face custody proceedings, you may want to take a more positive approach.

Of course, finding the best custody arrangements for your situation can depend heavily on the particular circumstances involved. When trying to determine what may work best for your kids, you may wish to take recent research into consideration.

Possibility of conflict

Though most people still believe that mothers obtain a more favorable custody outcome, recent research suggests that children may thrive better when both parents play an active role in their lives. This information may seem contradictory to decades of beliefs, but many of those commonly held ideas may not have as much impact as once thought. For instance, many individuals believed that the conflict created between divorcing parents puts too much strain on children. However, that may not be the case.

In fact, it appears that much of the conflict that occurs during divorce proceedings typically becomes more exaggerated during this time. This exaggeration may occur because one parent wants to obtain a particular outcome, and as a result, he or she may create issues where they usually would not exist.

Additionally, research suggests that much of the divorce-related conflict dies down after a few years. By this time, though, custody arrangements are in place, and making modifications can seem too daunting.

Considering shared custody

If you want the best custody arrangements for your children, you may want to consider shared custody more closely. Of course, if your ex-spouse has abusive tendencies or other extenuating factors that make it dangerous for your children, this type of arrangement may not suit your case. On the other hand, if you and the other parent can adequately care for your kids, you may wish to consider taking on an equal role.

Information on the various ways in which you and the other parent could create a shared custody agreement and schedule may help you determine whether this option could feasibly suit your circumstances. If you have additional concerns or interests in custody arrangements, you may wish to obtain reliable legal information relating to your case.

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