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February 2018 Archives

Fraud suspected in man's workers' compensation claims

For many Kentucky employees, access to a good workers' compensation policy is a necessary benefit, especially in industries where employees face a significant amount of risk every day. However, in some cases, people may find ways to take advantage of workers' compensation by filing fraudulent claims in order to reap financial benefits. Unfortunately, while seemingly legitimate at the time, fraudulent behavior of this kind is almost always discovered later on and can result in costly consequences including loss of employment, fines and even jail time. 

What is a class action lawsuit?

At one point, you have probably received something in the mail about a class action lawsuit in Kentucky or Ohio, but you may not have understood exactly what it is. Class action lawsuits can be confusing because, according to the Ohio Bar Association, they are lawsuits brought by one party for a whole group of people. You may not even be aware of the issue or that the lawsuit was originally filed until you receive a notice. 

Understanding how non-compete agreements can benefit your company

When you are working to build your business in Kentucky, chances are you have spent considerable time looking for ways to strategically market your product or service without compromising sensitive business concepts. One of your primary points of focus will be protecting your intellectual property from theft. At Gatlin Voelker, PLLC, we understand the unique risks that companies face as they make strategic moves to keep valuable information confidential.

Does your business need non-compete agreements?

As a Kentucky business owner, you know it is prudent to understand the various ways you can protect your legal and financial interests. One of the ways you can do this is by having employee contracts as well as non-compete agreements. Depending on the nature of your business, a non-compete agreement could be a beneficial way to ensure that your proprietary information stays where it belongs.

Is worker's compensation necessary for your business?

If you are a business owner in Kentucky, you will be well aware that operating a successful company requires dedicated time and industry knowledge. One of the most critical components of your company is the group of people you have hired to facilitate and execute important organizational activities. These people, your employees, must be carefully trained and educated to understand your expectations and overall vision for your company's growth. Caring for your employees is essential to effectively retain top talent and maintain a competitive edge. Worker's compensation is a valuable investment to make, but it does far more than protect and help your employees. In fact, it can be equally as beneficial for you, especially if you are dealing with an accident or injury that occurred on your job site. 

Common lawsuits involving small businesses

As an entrepreneur, you may spend much of your time figuring out the best ways to make your business productive and profitable. A large part of that is eliminating ways your company loses money unnecessarily. This may include reducing expenses, monitoring shrinkage and minimizing your overhead.

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