What should you do if you have a car crash?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Personal Injury |

When you talk about car crashes, vehicle collisions or road traffic accidents, it gives an image of two machines colliding with each other. Yes, your vehicle will need repair or replacement, but the biggest concern is the humans inside the cars.

Thanks to increased vehicle speed, many collisions result in serious injury. Understanding how to act can improve your chances of getting the outcome you need.

Never admit fault for a vehicle collision

The aftermath of a crash is not the time to say sorry or overshare about how you were driving. It is best to stay quiet, or you could harm your insurance claim. Here are some things you need to do straight after a collision:

  • Get to safety: Sitting in a car in the middle of the road can put you in danger from other vehicles. Pull to the side of the road or leave the car and sit away from the tarmac.
  • Report the accident: You need to call the police if there are injuries or damage. The same call gets an ambulance on its way.
  • Collect details: When the police arrive, they should gather evidence, but it helps to collect it for yourself. Use your phone to take photos of the scene or contact details of witnesses.
  • Contact your insurer: Check your policy. You have a limited time to report an accident.
  • Contact an attorney: While you need to let your insurer know you had a crash, it is best to keep the conversation short. Both your and the other party’s insurer may seek ways to reduce claims. An attorney can help you avoid pitfalls.
  • See a doctor: You will need proof of injuries if you wish to claim for them. Getting a medical check-up allows a doctor to spot issues you might not notice.

Injuries you sustain in a car collision can be life-changing. Most crashes happen due to human error or negligence. Claiming compensation will require a full investigation of the facts.