Dog bite risks are greatest for children 

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Dog bites may happen when you’re an adult, but they are clearly a bigger risk for children. It is of vital importance that parents understand this risk and do what they can to help children stay safe. 

Why are children at greater risk? For one thing, they may not know how to act around dogs. A child could accidentally surprise a dog and cause it to bite when the child is just being friendly. Additionally, as good as it is for children to be around their own pets, having a dog could mean that they assume all dogs are just as friendly as their own. This could lead to a bite when they approach an aggressive dog without a second thought. 

Bites are also more serious for children

In many cases, dog bites are also more serious for children. Many dog bites impact the head, face, neck and throat of a child victim. An adult who suffers a bite to the leg or hand may be injured, but not severely. A child who suffers the same bite to the neck or face could have massive injuries that lead to permanent disfigurement and major scarring. These bites could also be fatal. 

The problem simply lies in size and strength. Children are shorter and therefore more likely to be bitten in these vital areas, and they may not be strong enough to defend themselves in any way. This just compounds the problem if they also are not sure how to act around dogs or how to avoid bites. 

If your child is injured, you may deserve compensation

Since these bites are so serious, it’s crucial for parents to know how to seek compensation if a child is injured. Working with an experienced advocate can make the entire process easier on you during this difficult time.