Looking forward to Thanksgiving? Don’t ruin it with a DUI

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2021 | Personal Injury |

If you’re looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend, you’re far from alone. Just be careful that you don’t let all that family togetherness and good cheer (along with the alcohol that’s omnipresent during these celebrations) lead you to a charge of driving under the influence (DUI). 

Thanksgiving is well-known as a “drinking” holiday, so you can bet that law enforcement will be out in droves from Wednesday night through the rest of the weekend. If you’re wise, you’ll plan ahead so that you can avoid trouble. 

How can you avoid spending Thanksgiving behind bars? 

Basically, you never want to drink and drive — even if you’ve only had one or two small drinks over the course of the evening. You can be charged with a DUI if there’s any alcohol in your system based on an officer’s assessment of your driving and behavior — and DUI checkpoints are legal in Kentucky. There’s almost zero chance you won’t pass one at some point during the holiday. 

Here are the smart ways to get around the whole problem: 

  •     Take a cab or a ride-hailing service. Sure, it’s a little pricey to use Uber, Lyft or a cab, but it’s way less expensive than the costs that come with a DUI.
  •     Have a designated driver. Offer to buy your buddy’s dinner if they’re willing to be your designated driver (and be willing to trade your services as a designated driver on the next big drinking night).
  •     Drink at home. Why go out and pay extra for mixed drinks in a bar when you can mix your own at home and stay safe? Invite your favorite people over and host a mini-holiday party instead of going out.
  •     Ask to sleep where you are. If you have a little too much to drink at your parents’ house this Thanksgiving, ask if you can sleep it off on the couch or in the spare room. 

If you do end up facing DUI charges this upcoming weekend, make sure you take immediate steps to protect your legal rights and your future.