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What are the noncompete laws in Ohio?

When you get a job, your employer may ask you to sign a noncompete agreement. This type of agreement, according to the Ohio State Bar Association, prohibits you from working for a competitor for a set amount of time after leaving the company. If you violate the agreement, your employer can sue you for damages and could force you to stop working.

Implementing interactive technology can strengthen relationships

When businesses form partnerships in Kentucky, they often go to extensive efforts to protect the validity, synergy and success of the relationship by implementing good communication from the start. In today's world, business professionals have an incredible pool of resources to use in creating, strengthening and maintaining relationships that can be used to fuel success. 

What are some business banking mistakes?

Running a business in Kentucky or Southern Ohio requires a good head for finances. You are responsible for maintaining the financial records and accounts to ensure the business makes a profit. A large part of managing your finances is managing your bank account. Unfortunately, many new business owners make mistakes that could cost them down the road.

How do I file an annual business report?

Part of owning a business in Kentucky is learning all the legal requirements you must fulfill each year. One of those is filing an annual business report. Unless you have a sole proprietorship, One Stop explains that you are required by law to file a business report with the Secretary of State's office.

Can your competitors strengthen your business?

You have worked hard to build your brand by leveraging your competencies and effectively marketing your product. Consumers are noticing and your business is growing and thriving in Kentucky. One of your constant concerns in maintaining a competitive position in the market is to regularly analyze your competition and watch what they are doing. However, have you ever considered that forming worthwhile relationships with your competitors could actually benefit your organization?

Defining deceptive trade practices

As a business owner in Cincinnati, you are well aware that the competition to be the best in your space can be cutthroat. That said, neither you or your competitors are permitted to try and openly sabotage each other's efforts. Several clients have come to us here at Gatlin Voelker, PLLC questioning the legality of their competitors' practices. If you have the same question, it is likely because you feel that your business or brand is either being attacked or unjustly taken advantage of. Knowing which business practices are prohibited by law can help guide your decision making in dealing with a ruthless rival organization. 

Avoiding common mistakes as you start your business

Like many entrepreneurs, you are probably anxious to get your business up and running. It may be a dream come true, and it likely means you can move from having a boss to being a boss. Undoubtedly, there are many things to do before you get your company off the ground. You may have inventory to gather, marketing to arrange and employees to train. It may almost feel like planning a wedding.

Does your business need non-compete agreements?

As a Kentucky business owner, you know it is prudent to understand the various ways you can protect your legal and financial interests. One of the ways you can do this is by having employee contracts as well as non-compete agreements. Depending on the nature of your business, a non-compete agreement could be a beneficial way to ensure that your proprietary information stays where it belongs.

Common lawsuits involving small businesses

As an entrepreneur, you may spend much of your time figuring out the best ways to make your business productive and profitable. A large part of that is eliminating ways your company loses money unnecessarily. This may include reducing expenses, monitoring shrinkage and minimizing your overhead.

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