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Can polygraph test results be used in your favor?

Most readers would agree that family life, in general, can get very messy at times. In fact, the face of family life in America has vastly changed through recent decades. It's no longer a given that households contain married mothers and fathers, with a mother staying home to raise children and a father going out to work every day. You might live in a single-parent home or one you share with your child's other parent while unmarried.

Business as your most valuable marital asset?

Building up a successful business is a difficult task. If you are married, it can put a lot of strain on your relationship, as the hours and money involved are often substantial. However, when things are going well, it can grant financial freedom and a sense of accomplishment. If your spouse took any part in the building up of your company, your business may be the most valuable marital asset you share and could be subject to division if you end up getting a divorce.

When hiding money means a breach of marital trust

Many Americans fall in love and get married, trusting in "happily ever after" to make things work. Unfortunately, not too long after the wedding, reality usually sets in. Along with it comes the financial difficulties that most married couples tend to face. In fact, fights about money are by far one of the top predictors of divorce, with a survey indicating "money" as the third leading cause after "infidelity" and "basic incompatibility."

What do Kentucky laws say about property division in divorce?

If you consider getting a divorce, concerns about the process and how it will affect you in the future go along with that decision. Like most people, not knowing what your financial future will look like when the process ends could cause you a great deal of fear and anxiety.

Status quo of sole custody after divorce shifts to shared parenting

Parenting is very likely the hardest job in the world.  In many ways the most rewarding, but the hours are awful.  Rarely, will you and your partner agree on how to raise the children. Should they go to church and if so what kind? Should they go to a private or public school? Should they play sports or focus on music development? These are just a few of the many questions that parents must navigate when raising their progeny.

Four things to think about when dividing assets in a divorce

Like other states, divorce in Kentucky and Ohio can be a fairly complicated ordeal even when the split is an amiable no-fault one. Of course the first order of business is sorting out the custody of the children and child support. But dividing assets can often be the more difficult and complicated part of a divorce, particularly when there are a significant number of major assets. From a strictly financial point of view, there may be retirement or pension plans, rental properties, stocks, money markets, safe deposit boxes and all the rest.


Sometimes. In the event you have a second mortgage that exceeds the fair market value of your home, you may be able to strip off the lien in a Chapter 13. For example, if you have a $100,000 home, with a $100,000 first mortgage and $50,000 second mortgage, the second mortgage may be able to be stripped off.

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