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Workers' Compensation Archives

What are the most common injuries in the restaurant industry?

Fast paced work environments in Kentucky are ideal settings for accidents. Add in working with sharp tools and hot equipment only adds to the risks, which is why the restaurant industry is prime for workplace injuries. If you work in a restaurant, being aware of the most common injuries can help you to better avoid them.

What is workers' compensation fraud in Ohio?

In Ohio, you have the right to collect workers' compensation if you are injured on the job and have associated medical expenses. This system is set up to protect you and your employer. However, some people try to defraud the system and collect benefits when they are not rightfully due to them. The Ohio Revised Code clearly outlines what constitutes workers' compensation fraud.

What to know when filing a workers' compensation claim

As you may be well aware, having workers' compensation is a critical part of any well-rounded benefits package. Its primary purpose is to protect you and provide financial support to you and your family should you ever be involved in a work-related accident that leaves you injured and unable to perform your job duties. At Gatlin Voelker, PLLC, we have helped many employees in Kentucky to file workers' compensation claims following incidents at their workplace. 

Can you get workers' compensation if you are self-employed?

Being self-employed comes with many perks. You get to be your own boss, create your own work hours and decide how long your commute is. However, it also comes with some downsides. You have to pay your own taxes and be responsible for your own insurance, retirement and other benefits. You may wonder about workers' compensation. While you do not have an employer to handle workers' compensation for you, the Small Business Administration explains that you can get your own insurance. 

Fraud suspected in man's workers' compensation claims

For many Kentucky employees, access to a good workers' compensation policy is a necessary benefit, especially in industries where employees face a significant amount of risk every day. However, in some cases, people may find ways to take advantage of workers' compensation by filing fraudulent claims in order to reap financial benefits. Unfortunately, while seemingly legitimate at the time, fraudulent behavior of this kind is almost always discovered later on and can result in costly consequences including loss of employment, fines and even jail time. 

Is worker's compensation necessary for your business?

If you are a business owner in Kentucky, you will be well aware that operating a successful company requires dedicated time and industry knowledge. One of the most critical components of your company is the group of people you have hired to facilitate and execute important organizational activities. These people, your employees, must be carefully trained and educated to understand your expectations and overall vision for your company's growth. Caring for your employees is essential to effectively retain top talent and maintain a competitive edge. Worker's compensation is a valuable investment to make, but it does far more than protect and help your employees. In fact, it can be equally as beneficial for you, especially if you are dealing with an accident or injury that occurred on your job site. 

Unseen dangers can cause workplace injuries, too

When you work at a construction site, in a warehouse or at a manufacturing facility, there are many potential workplace hazards you can see, dangers that you're aware of. But like many workers here in northern Kentucky, there are many more workplace hazards that you can't see, that aren't readily apparent.

How can you successfully encourage safety in the workplace?

As you work to build and emphasize a lasting company culture in your Kentucky business, one of your primary points of focus should be on employee safety. Embedding this critical concept into the core of your culture is an excellent way to positively remind your employees of the importance of abiding by protocols designed to protect them and create a productive work environment. 

If I'm hurt at work, what will I get from workers' compensation?

Northern Kentucky workers know that they likely have a rightful claim to compensation if they are hurt in an accident at work. However, actually obtaining these benefits can be rather complicated, and you may find it beneficial to make the effort to fully understand your rights. When you know your rights, you will be able to protect your entitlements. 

Industrial accident injures woman

For many Kentucky companies, a critical part of operating a smooth business is guaranteeing the proper education of its employees in regards to safety. This is even truer for organizations that rely on the use of heavy equipment, machinery and chemicals among other things, to create a product or provide a service. Unfortunately, even with the most rigorous safety guidelines in place, accidents can sometimes happen and put the lives of workers at risk. 

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